Because Sanctuary means "a place of refuge or safety; synonyms: refuge, haven, harbor, port in a storm, oasis, shelter, retreat, hideaway, hideout" and sometimes the best thing we can provide a horse is safety, security, anonymity, and zero publicity.

This lovely TWH mare was sold for slaughter in summer 2015 in Tennessee. Due to some of her backstory, the person who bailed her asked Starlight Farm Animal Sanctuary to go pick her up and to keep her safe - and secret - for quarantine. Now that she is safely at home in California with her new mom, we have permission to post these pix and tell "Violet's" story. So for any who were wondering, "where was The Legend of Zorro?" She was with us. She was safe. She recently foaled a beautful little filly that was saved along with her!

Breed: Tennessee Walking Horse

Adopted From: Tennessee 

Date Rescued/Adopted: October 2015


Violet in her new home!


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