Breed: BLM Mustang

Adopted From: Pennsylvania

Date Rescued: August 2016

Returned Home: October 2016


Oh, this little lady has a story to tell and we only know part of it. Sarah is a ten year old registered BLM mustang. She went to auction earlier this year and was saved and kept up north with one of our shippers waiting to catch a ride to her adopter in Mississippi. That home offer fell through. BLM Rescue helped find Sarah a home in Maine. That home offer fell through. They found another home offer in Maine and it, too, fell through. Finally we helped find a possible home here in Tennessee and, alas, it fell through as well.  At that point we told our shipper to bring Sarah here to the Sanctuary and we would figure out the best permanent home for her.

Sarah got her blessing! It did not take long for us to figure out the Sarah is a completely unhandled and untrained mustang.  She is terrified of humans and, at ten years old, we felt it would be unfair to ask her to be anything other than what she is:  a beautiful wild animal that should never have been captured in the first place.  Black Hills Wild Horse Sanctuary was willing to accept her into their facility. She is now running free with hundreds of other mustangs on 11,000 acres.  We wish you a happy life of freedom, beautiful Sarah!

Living wild again at Black Hills Wild Horse Sanctuary!

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