This is #6881 from the Knoxville Livestock Auction, a local auction house where kill buyers come every time to fill their trucks. This lucky boy - now called, "Raphael" (which means, "God has healed") was TWICE saved by Jeannie Lewis Baggett and Jenny Wood, on behalf of the Arabian Rescue Mission.


There were over SIX HUNDRED HORSES sold at the auction, and the auctioneer - in order to speed things along - often ignored non-kill buyer bidders, hence this boy first was sold directly to a kill buyer. Jeannie was tenacious, though, and she spoke with the kill buyer after the sale ended at 4 A.M. and he agreed to let her save this horse!


Jeannie and Jenny and the Arabian Rescue Mission saved SEVEN ("the magnificent seven") ARABIAN HORSES from the slaughter trucks at auction! Well done, ladies! Raphael was gelded less than 48 hours previously, bless him, so UT vets are doing all that is required to make him comfortable and help him heal.


Despite his grimy coat and burr-infested forelock, mane and tail, and his have-they-EVER-been-trimmed hoofs, Raphael is an intelligent, calm, willing horse and we are happy to help Raphael in his journey towards "happily ever after." Raphael will be with us for a short period of quarantine and then head on to his forever home in Texas! ‪#‎RescueDoneRight‬

Breed: Arabian

Adopted From: Tennessee

Date Rescued/Adopted: November 2015



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