Breed: Standardbred

Adopted From: Pennsylvania

Date Rescued: September 2015

Date Adopted: June 2016



It is with the heaviest heart we write to share that one of our most beloved rescues, Powergaiterdotcom, affectionately known as, Malachi, was abruptly taken from his adoptive family by a tragic accident. Mal and his pasturemate got out of their fence Saturday evening, August 20, 2016, and Mal was struck by a vehicle. He did not suffer long at all and for that we are grateful. We are devastated by this loss - Mal represented the best of all the things SFAS stands for and so many vets, volunteers, and donors had worked tirelessly for many months to help Mal heal and rehab. We are including here a picture of Malachi in his racing prime with his breeder, Diane Grimes, who loved him dearly and provided some of the massive financial support needed for Mal's extensive rehab when he arrived at SFAS last year. Rest in peace, Malachi. You will be missed greatly and remembered with great affection by all who knew you.

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