Breed: Percheron

Adopted From: New Jersey

Date Rescued: February 2017

Date Adopted: February 2017

Lazarus has lived a challenging life in his 12 years. This big boy was worked hard but never had tack that fit him like it should. Years of pressure on his poll area lead to a chronic infection in the bursa sac in that area. Left untreated for years, he was sent off to New Holland Auction and then to Cranbury Auction.


There were some beautiful drafts there that week and this guy was hiding in their shadows. (All 18.2 hands of him!)  Little did he know that a thousand miles away a lady saw him. She was only interested in mares and did not give him much thought... until she went to bed that night. HE kept her awake. Her heart sank when she went to check on him the following morning only to see that no one had bid on him... except for a kill buyer. With the help of friends and Starlight, she was able to track him down and her heart made a call.


We were told he had an abscess on his head but we could not see any other issues in his video and photo. His price was very low for a draft and after he arrived, we all found out why.  It looked like there was a softball under his skin and it was draining putrid fluid continuously. When UT came out to evaluate, they suspected "poll evil." Several days later Lazarus was brought to UT for further testing and surgery to remove the infected bursa as well as some of the septic bone underneath. It was obvious that this guy had been in pain for a long time. In order for the infection to be so severe, the trauma to his head had been repeated over and over again for years. Dr. Castro and the UT team were able to do a very intensive surgery, which took 3.5 hours.  And, because Lazarus stood like a stone through the entire procedure, his prognosis for a complete healing is excellent.

Lazarus is now home with his adoptive owners and he's enjoying his freedom on lush pasture with eight other horses for company!  We are so happy for Lazarus and his family, and we wish him continued healing and good health! 


Lazarus' auction house photo.

His injury when leaving auction.

About to set his big hooves on Tennessee soil!

His injury while in quarantine.

Stretching those legs in quarantine.

His first meeting with his family of angels.

Enjoying some spring grass in his pen.

Helping his new little lady with her homework.

His amazing new owner and angel.

Post op at UT. Still waking up.

His surgical site after a 3.5 hour surgery at UT.

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