SFAS Board members Greg, Esther, and Tess. Jessica - shipper. Mark - cameraman.

In November of 2016, East Tennessee was hit hard with tragedy. After months of drought, wildfires scattered the whole region and suddenly it engulfed and destroyed a large amount of Gatlinburg's residences. While the fires were still spreading, our Chairman of the Board even got to assist the American Eagle Foundation catch and safely evacuate the flock of Bald Eagles from Dollywood to protect them. After that, the equine communities surrounding us stepped up in an amazing way by offering stalls, pastures, feed, etc. for all the displaced livestock in the area.


We were so excited that a large rain system was on its way and it helped drowned the flames and brought great relief to the area. It was not good news for other areas though as the storm system also produced tornadoes elsewhere in the state that destroyed other farms and homes.


Starlight was happy to partner up with one group from Kentucky/Ohio that had collected hay and supplies for the victims. They not only hauled multiple loads down for the Gatlinburg livestock, but the stack behind us in the photo was slated just for a farm in Athens. Three of our board members along with Jessica and Mark unloaded all the hay one cool December night before celebrating the relief over a chili dinner. It is such a blessing to be part of such an effort.

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