We were asked to help in the search for a very special horse that could be a local boy's very special friend. This 6 year old boy has autism and had been doing some therapy riding on his mother's mare and the family felt like he might be ready to start some solo riding on his own horse.


There is always a risk of not knowing what you are going to get when you choose an auction horse but when the family saw this boy with TWO auction stickers on his shoulder and a heart on his hip, they chose to take the risk. When they showed the horse's photo to the boy and asked what he would name him, the boy said that "his butt looks like space" and he was given the name "Astro". Wonderful hearted people rallied and donated to pull him from the kill pen in the late hours on a Thursday night. He made the 900 mile trip from Kaufman to Starlight the following weekend. 

His coat pattern helped to cover all his scrapes and cuts and he obviously needed to rebuild a fair amount of lost muscle, but his eye was calm and he was a perfectly behaved gentleman on the walk to his quarantine paddock. 

Just in time for Christmas, Astro got cleared to go home! Astro had already gotten to know his new little boy pretty well from his frequent visits to the farm, but it was such a blessing to deliver the news to the little lad that Astro was going home with him for good. What a wonderful Christmas surprise we got to be a part of!

Breed: Appaloosa

Adopted From: Texas

Date Rescued: November 2016

Date Adopted: December 2016

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